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I just had to give this game a try! Super funny! 

gerçekten çok güzel . kesin oynamalısınız

Hey, this has probably become one of my favourite little indie games I've played in a while! Also, I gave some suggestions too! Here's my video of it!

juego bien extraño ver a esos gorditos correr por sus vidas

Hey! I made a short review of this game on my blog if you are interested. Here's the link! Run Chubby Dudes! Post

I love playing this; thank you so much for the opportunity! :)

I made a video of this game. It didn't really work out for me.

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Amazing game had so much fun playing it.


*Saw title* *Expected chubby dudes running from something spectacular* *Was not disappointed*

I LOVED this game, was so much fun and random, pretty entertaining for a run game, not sure if there is a sure way to finish, didn't get that far, but I was checking it out, and I honestly didn't expect to like it so much! could not stop giggling at alot of the stuff that went down, thank yall for the experience!

love this little short game, definitely worth the play!

I think if you made levels and expanded on this you could sell it on steam or create something amazing because it's already really well done!

Here's my little lets play if you're interested!

Gameplay Video:

this game is great! i made a video on it and u can check it out here!

Youtube: CalTheMighty


Very cool Game! I actually enjoyed it great job!


That was fun and exciting, I think one of them escaped me and fell into infinite safety but I lasted longer than I thought.

Youtube: Fellowplayer


I absolutely enjoyed this cute but extremely weird game! It makes for a great time-killer! Hope to see more content in it in the future!



На мой взгляд самый угарный забег.

Лично я проголосую за игру в Greenlight.